The greatest measure of success is knowing our patients have felt a caring and compassionate experience at Pinnacle Orthopedics.

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Deborah Steger
02:13 11 Dec 19
Very hard working caring atmosphere! From the Medical assistance right down to the doctors...
Kirk Jacobs
16:53 02 Aug 19
Excellent Doctors and support staff is very helpful
MC Andrew Love
14:48 06 Jun 19
I recommend Pinnacle Orthopedic & Spine Specialists’s for the way they took care of my spinal injury. They saw the problem and put me through each phase of therapy until surgery and I have never felt better ever since.
Browneyez Sanford
14:43 04 Jun 19
all of the Doctors are wonderful,the staff is great too.
Valerie J Montgomery-Adams
13:01 29 Nov 18
Polite and Helpful. Clean Professional atmosphere.
Sherri Kissmann-Barnhart
13:09 22 Aug 18
Dr. M. Tetro & Dr. z. Fishkin are wonderful!Luv the clinical staff. Always very friendly & professional
Marsha Cwiklinski
23:26 11 Jun 18
I have a question! I have had terrible pain in my right foot for 2 years now from plantar fasciitis. Do you guys deal with this type of problem? Please let me know as soon as you can! Thank you so much!
Denise Winsor
14:57 09 Jun 18
I recently was referred to Dr Tetro. I've received the best care! The morning I called,I was scheduled for the next day. Wait time was average. I didn't mind the wait, even in pain. 2 days later,I was in surgery. His PA Jason,is amazing!! These 2 guys are all about the patient!! Their new xray tech..... was awesome!! She was gentle,understanding and a sweetheart. My recommendations will come highly!! Thank you Dr Tetro & PA Jason!
Bruce Burton
04:10 18 May 18
Excellent doctors and staff.
Bridget Lyons-Bussman
02:14 10 May 18
Lori Tylec Musial
16:27 11 Mar 18
Everyone here cares so much. If they can help you in any way, they will certainly will try. When they explain something, they use language that the average person can understand. They do not give you false hope. If you do need surgery, Dr. Roger is the best neurosurgeon on the planet. He has done 3 spine surgeries on me and I live pain free. If I over do something, my lower back tells me. Overall a 5 plus.
Kimberly Bender
19:47 09 Mar 18
I've been a patient of Cameron Huckell for 10+ years and I absolutely love him. Her finally fixed my neck the way it should've been! I tell everyone to go see him.
Edward Mayberry
15:25 03 Nov 17
I've been a patient of Dr. C. Huckell for 5+ years now. I've always had great results with all my visits. He tells me exactly what can and cannot be done with my back injury. He never sugar coated anything. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a Orthopedic Specialist. I wouldn't recommend back surgery to anyone unless it's your last resort. ALWAYS GET A SECOND OR EVEN A THIRD OPINION.
Kimberly Draper
15:25 20 Jul 17
The people there are so nice Dr huckle is amazing he is thurl and kind
Nancy Sorice
17:55 28 Jun 17
Everyone is so nice there. I would highly recommend Pinnacle Orthopaedic & Spine. They care about you. They are so precise with showing you where your injuries are and explain how they can help you. They are a excellent team of doctors, assistants, nurses and staff members.
Fred Vance
02:39 03 May 17
The staff are great the wait time are shorter than my primary doctors!! Dr. Tetro did my surgery on my finger before he did the surgery he explains everything in detail and was very helpful afterwards
Twanda Cade
16:34 13 Apr 17
The staff was great I was called back very fast and the procedure went well and my doctor was great
Daniel Hogg
17:37 16 Feb 17
Dr Roger, as well as Neil and the office staff are the best: knowledgeable, caring, kind, and professional. I highly recommend them!
Patti Graf
17:52 15 Feb 17
Professional, treat u like a patient not a herd of cattle like at my previous pain specialist!
Robert M. Auberger
17:07 01 Feb 17
Betty Clemons
23:13 12 Jan 17
Well my visit was great seen my Dr who did my surgery back in 2010 and he answer my questions and now I know where this pain is coming from and the cause thank you Dr Cameron Huckell see you in Apr
Lynda Serafin Marquardt
17:29 19 Oct 16
Velette Davis
17:12 14 Oct 16
Probably the best surgeon I've ever had Dr Cameron huckell and his staff are very caring and attentive to all of the needs that needed to be met very kind and great and dealing with they're patient's
Linda Mott
12:05 30 Oct 15
Wonderful ! Very good experiences with before and after surgery. Highly recommend for spinal care.
Patricia L Blair
21:04 21 Oct 15
Mandy Zuver
18:47 21 Oct 15
Stacey Lazar Glogowski
12:36 21 Oct 15
Juanita Brinson
23:13 25 Jul 15
Joseph Anthony Augustyniak
01:51 22 Jul 15
Excellent doctors...
Joe Witkowski
11:55 06 Jul 15
Laura Boyd Kolodziejczyk
20:28 30 Mar 14
Diane Morgan-Muff
05:03 30 Jan 14
Anita Perfect
19:37 29 Jan 14
Waleska Sierra
18:51 15 Jan 14
Michael Shaffer
01:05 13 Jan 14
Tony Ashton II
02:53 21 Dec 13
Mindy Harrington
01:35 20 Dec 13
Brian Punturiero
14:08 11 Dec 13
Skyy Straughter
16:51 13 Nov 13
Kimberly Bender
15:12 10 Nov 13
Mike Rainville
02:33 10 Nov 13
Junior Salsaa Millan
00:00 20 Oct 13
Angela Lee Melendez
15:13 27 Sep 13
awesome patient care
Mar-ya Chillis
17:02 19 Jul 13
Maria L Rivera
16:14 07 May 13