Occupational Injury & Treatment

Hurt at Work? Work Injury? Accident on the Job?

Pinnacle Orthopedic has everything you need to treat your work injury accident.

Trust your care and complicated work injury insurance with experts in the field. Our team of doctors and therapists can treat any work injury and manage both your non-operative or operative care as well as occupational therapy.

Our therapists are expertly trained and experienced in the New York State Workers’ Compensation insurance. We also perform Functional Capacity Evaluations and Work Conditioning or Hardening programs. Work Conditioning/Hardening is important therapy treatment to help an injured worker regain their ability to perform job tasks and return to work.

Timely treatment and reporting of your work injury is critical. Schedule your appointment today by calling (716) 854-5700. We have offices in Buffalo and Orchard Park. Trust your care to a dedicated team of work injury orthopedic doctors and therapists!